January 07, 2013

P is for Pregnancy: 36 Weeks, 3 Days!

Hello Baby,

So I might be in denial, just a tad...
because today I'm exactly 36 weeks and 3 days pregnant.
AKA a little over 3 short weeks until we get to meet you! 
Yay!!! and eeeeeek!!!

{hello baby! BELLY!}

Week 36(ish) Milestones:
  • Belly Button is exactly flush with the rest of my belly. It's hilarious.
  • According to my pregnancy tracker, you are the size of a Watermelon (and it feels like it too!) and are approximately 19-22 inches, 6.5 lbs.
  • I've had 2 weekly appointments already. As of last week, things are progressing right on track! (Get ready for some TMI, but I'm 50% effaced but not dilated.)
  • Lately, I've been having more pain in my lower back and it's getting uncomfortable to sleep at night. It's time for a body pillow and heating pad. 
  • An hour long hot bath is a nightly routine. During my break, I may or may not have taken 2 baths a day!...
  • I'm pretty sure I'm rocking a little bit of the "pregnancy waddle". Forget about the high heels, unless it is a super special occasion.
  • As of this weekend, your room is unofficially officially done! (minus the custom crib, but this one is a wonderful placeholder) *pics to come soon!*
  • After the hospital tour recently, we pre-registered. So technically, we are good to go! Finalizing the last of my work maternity leave details still keeps me up at night, but I hope to knock out everything this week.
  • If you must know (and yes, people are asking)...so far I've gained about 25 lbs overall.
  • Mr. C and I STILL have not decided on a name. And we get asked every day! I will say though that we do have a front runner. No, I'm not telling! 
  • My appetite is that of a 16 yr old hormonal high school football player. I literally just looked down and noticed I just ate half a bag of pita chips and tub of hummus. I'm still hungry...
  • Hospital Bag is pretty much packed. Boy, was that a reality check. I had to remind myself I wasn't going out of town on vacation...womp womp. 
Let me just say, we are SO excited/anxious/nervous/can't wait to meet you!
...however, I can still wait until Feb. 1st though, just so you know... :)

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